Welcome to Flash and Bang Studio by Amara Blue, the go-to place in Downtown Vancouver to get your permanent bracelets and anklets.

Amara Blue is proud to now include sparked permanent bracelets in her service offerings. Amara meaning "eternal" in Sanskrit, and we aim to create jewellery that last as long as your memories do. Choosing a trusted jeweller for your permanent bracelet experience is integral if you want to be sure that your bracelet lasts. With over ten years of experience working with gold and sterling silver, Amara Blue is the perfect jeweller to trust with welding your permanent bracelet.


Permanent jewelry may seem like a trend, but Amara Blue makes jewelry to last. Whether you're looking to get matching bracelets with your bestie or want to celebrate a special occasion we offer a wide variety of fine chain options and designs. When choosing to get a permanent bracelet or any form of permanent jewelry, it's important to ensure that you select long-lasting, hypoallergenic chain designs made with 14k gold, gold fill, or sterling silver.


How do permanent bracelets or spark bracelets work?


Permanent bracelets are custom-fit bracelet chains made of dainty gold chain or sterling silver that are delicately welded or bonded to create a seamless bracelet that you never have to take off. No need to worry about permanent jewelry when it comes to airport security, as fine metals like 14k gold, sterling silver and gold fill are all safe, and will be undetected. When you come in for your permanent bracelet appointment, you will have a chance to choose from a variety of bracelet options.


What if my permanent bracelet breaks? How long are these dainty chains supposed to last?


The longevity of your permanent bracelet truly depends on your lifestyle. The chains that we work with are robust and good enough quality to withstand daily activities and more, but sometimes accidents happen. If you need to take your permanent bracelet off, we are easily capable of adding a clasp to your bracelet so that you can still wear it later on. We also offer a welding service in case your bracelet needs to be cut for an unforeseeable situation (Such as an MRI).

It is important to note, that permanent jewellery is still jewelry. Our welds are meant to last daily and consistent wear and tear but like the nature of most jewelry pieces that we wear they are delicate and meant to be handled with care.


Do you offer other permanent jewelry options? Can I get a permanent anklet?


The answer is yes! We are happy to offer permanent anklets upon request. They are an extra $15 on top of the chain selection that you choose. 

Sterling Silver Chain Options (Examples)

These are rotating all of the time, but some of our current offerings are below:


Sterling Silver Permanent Bracelet Chain Options


Gold Fill Chain Options (Examples)

These are also rotating all of the time, but some of our current offerings are below:

Gold Filled Permanent Bracelet Chain Options in Vancouver Canada