Amara Blue Designs

Moon Phase Charm Necklace


Do you feel pulled by the moon? Each phase represents magical significance and astrological meanings. 


Crescent Moon ~ Beginnings 

A representation for a fresh start. 


Quarter Moon ~ Action 

A representation of your dreams and goals. 


Full Moon ~ Harvest 

A representation of dreams achieved, and gratitude for your efforts. 


Third Quarter Moon ~ Maintenance 

A representation of working with what you have, and making it better. 


Waning Moon ~ Release 

a representation of what you need to let go of to move on. A symbol that is important for letting go of relationships, toxicity and anxiety. 



Necklace Details:

Materials: Sterling Silver

Bar Size: 9.5mm

Chain Length: 16 Inches


We only work with fine metals to ensure that each piece is the highest quality possible. For gold pieces, we choose to only work with gold fill, never gold plated metals. 
What is Gold Fill? 
Gold Fill is made from sheets of 14-16k gold mechanically bonded to Sterling Silver on the inside. This make our metals 100x thicker than gold plated, and will never flake, rub off, or change in colour. Gold Fill is relatively no maintenance, and requires little polishing. 
Shipping & Production Timelines. 

Each jewelry piece is completely made to order. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for production. Based on high demand, we will notify you if we anticipate shipment after this timeline